Are You Damaging Your Wood Floors?

Are You Damaging Your Wood Floors?

If you have hardwood floors in your home, be sure to follow these dos and don’ts to keep your wood floors clean and looking beautiful for years to come.

Wet Mopping

Do not wet mop your floors daily. You can use a slightly damp cloth or mop on your floors without any cleaners or chemicals about once per week.

Dust Mopping 

The best way to keep your floors free of dust and hair is by using a dry dust mop. Use it often and without any cleaners.
A neat trick is to use an extendable dust wand to move dust and hair away from corners and under furniture such as sofas and beds before using the larger dust mop for the more open and unobstructed areas.

Push dust to one spot of the room and use a small brush and dustpan or a vacuum to pick up all the collected grime in one fell swoop. Keep a damp cloth with you as you dust mop to quickly spot clean any smudges or stains.


Do not vacuum with the rotating brush engaged. If your vacuum does not have a disengage brush feature, use an attachment instead. Make sure to vacuum or dust mop your hardwood floors often as a buildup of grime and dirt can also damage your floors.

Wood Floor Cleaners

Most floor cleaners are extremely harsh on wood flooring. Use it sparingly and only when necessary. A damp cloth (not soaking wet,) can do the trick most of the time.

Steam Cleaning

Be careful using a steam cleaner on your floors. If there is a wax finish on them, do not do it! If your floors do not have a wax finish, you can use a steam cleaner but make sure to keep the machine moving and not allow it to stand in any one spot for an extended period as this will damage your floors.

Sun Light

As with your furniture, do not allow the sun to shine directly on your floors during the brightest part of the day. The sun will discolor and destroy almost everything including your hardwood floors. Close your blinds or use SPF window tinting. This tip alone could save you tens of thousands of dollars. Most people are unaware of the damage sunlight can cause their floors until it is too late. The first time you move a piece of furniture and notice an outline of the item you just moved on your beautiful and expensive hardwood floors, you will probably be terribly upset! There is no do over on this one. Take this tip to heart and protect your peace of mind and investment!

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